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Here are some organisations which we have worked with, on a variety of areas, to improve the culture, experiences and environment at the workplace. Note that this list does not include organisations which have requested for confidentiality and non-disclosure.

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JTI is one of the leading tobacco companies in Malaysia. Established in 1970, JTI Malaysia now owns 9 sales offices, with a total staff strength of over 300 people. JTI markets world-renowned cigarette brands - Mevius, Winston and LD all over the country. Speak Up Malaysia is happy to play a small part in their journey in becoming the most responsible and successful tobacco company in Malaysia.

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Coca-Cola Malaysia offers more than 40 different beverages options across over 10 different brands. After many years in their industry, Coca Cola Malaysia takes their step forward by focusing on choice, convenience and the customers. Speak Up Malaysia is thrilled to contribute to this goal through our training programme which can empower their employees in creating a more productive environment.


BFM 89.9

BFM is Malaysia's only independent radio station, focused on business news and current affairs. Speak Up Malaysia is happy to be of assistance to BFM in overcoming their challenges, particularly in improving trust, culture and environment at the workplace. Through our wide range of services, we continue to assist BFM to this day to support their goal in building a better Malaysia by championing rational, evidence-based discourse as a key element of good policy decisions.

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Impact Integrated is a social conglomerate with multiple brands across various industries. Impact Malaysia, an agency under the purview of Ministry of Youth and Sports aims to make social impact a culture. Rakita is evolving to be a multi-platform infotainment media company, while Spacerubix and Picksum are growing to be a community event space and a youth entrepreneurship space respectively. Speak Up Malaysia is happy to have assisted Impact Integrated in its early days to lay the foundations in which the various brands are built upon today - from developing a performance management framework, code of conduct and various talent engagement sessions to shape the organisational culture.

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