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An organisation can move forward with small changes, provided that such changes are made strategically in the right direction. We are happy to play a tiny part in your larger journey of growth to build a better future. Drop us a line and tell us how we can help you make insightful decisions, one step at a time, to achieve your targets.

Services: Services


We offer a variety of training modules, ranging from casual brown bag talks and employee dialogue sessions to town halls and targeted training on specific areas. To support the continuous professional development of employees, we also offer various workshops for relevant stakeholders, which include but are not limited to:

  • Sensitisation training for management and heads of departments to improve the decision making process;

  • Management training to improve risk management and embed compliance culture in addressing specific challenges;

  • Capacity building and sensitisation workshops in responding to complaints and dealing with complainants;

  • Specific skills workshops for relevant personnel to operationalise policies;

  • Awareness campaign workshops.


In this politically shifting and socially aware world, it is important to ensure that the organisation is equipped with the tools, skills, knowledge and resources to remain relevant to stakeholders.

Through properly curated engagement programmes and review, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies into action plans which can shape and improve your organisation. We believe in capitalising on existing frameworks, be they formal or informal, which already exist in an organisation when implementing changes that add value without disrupting structures which are already working.

Risk assessment and review may also be conducted to understand red flag areas within an organisation which would allow for targeted solutions.


It is important to ensure that codes of conduct, frameworks and policies are not just paper-shuffling exercises, stored away in a folder that is never opened somewhere on the company's server. To avoid this, these documents need to be well-drafted in a language that is relatable to employees, within an effective structure, without sacrificing on the criticality and seriousness of the subject matter.

With years of experience in policy drafting and employee engagement, we understand what it takes to turn a policy into an engaging guidance document for stakeholders to use in their day-to-day interactions. Often, this is followed by training to support the roll-out of such policies. However, a good policy is one that can be understood and implemented even without training.


Some say that once trust is broken, it can never be restored. We disagree. There are plenty of strategies and techniques that can be implemented to address a trust deficit, be it generally or in a specific area.

Our approach is designed to improve relationships, with effective rehabilitative measures as well as a sense of respect and fairness for everyone involved. The organisational culture should reflect the values of the organisation and be embedded in the actions and behaviour of employees.

Specific campaigns can also be implemented to ensure that the entire organisation is facing its true north, with no one left behind.


Having an effective complaints channel is crucial in creating an environment where employees feel heard, and the management obtains information which could potentially shed light on a problematic area within the organisation. Be it the grievance or whistleblowing channels, we believe in a multi-platform approach which can place multiple layers of defence that encourage the employees to speak up. 

When a complaint is received, proper fact-finding and investigation must happen in accordance with the principles of justice and best practices. This is not just done so that the organisation can escape corporate liability, but also to ensure that issues are completely resolved, and seen to be resolved by stakeholders. 

When it comes to disciplinary action, we believe in a visionary approach which is not just punitive in nature, but where possible, also rehabilitative and inclusive to ensure that talents can be retained and co-exist with each other in a healthy environment.


Aside from the above-mentioned services, we also provide general management consulting and advisory services across the risk-legal-compliance-corporate governance-assurance spectrum, on all of the following areas at the workplace:

  • Diversity & Inclusivity

  • Bullying, Discrimination & Toxic Behaviour

  • Workplace Harassment & Sexual Harassment

  • Health, Safety & Environment

  • Fraud & Financial Misstatement

  • Bribery & Corruption

  • Money Laundering

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